Get to know me

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Hi there! My name is M.A. Hayes. I am a graphic designer located in Augusta Georgia. I have my B.F.A in the concentration of graphic design. I specialize in graphic design and graphic art. 

My method for creating art is simple: no distractions, clean space, coffee, and my materials. I am a firm believer in working intuitively. I use simple tools and no fancy equipment. (Well maybe some lol.) My tools are very dear to me and I value them just as much as I value the art. You don't need the latest gadgets to make the best art, but sometimes it does make it easier. 

As much as I love doing art, I love meeting new people and collaborating with other artists. It's so much fun to bond over an art piece or just share different techniques and see a new perspective on art making. I'm always open to collaborate with serious artists whether it's a professional or a student. I've learned that making connections in the art world is vital to the success of not only  the artist, but also to the art work.