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Hiiiii! Thank you for visiting my site! While you are here let me tell you some things about myself. 

First thing first, I've been an artist all my life. I have my BFA in graphic design, and certificates in graphic design business and social media management.

My art style is bold, colorful, and simple. 

My fine and graphic artworks consist of a consistent narrative that plays on the idea that the artist is the child who grew up with their imagination still intact, however, the artist, feeling lost,  is now looking through the world in rose-colored glasses to stay optimistic about the current status around the world.

When it comes to my design work, I am a Jack of all trades. Really! I am skilled in graphic design, photography, videography, and marketing. I love it truly. Anything you throw at me, I can handle. Just check out my portfolio.

Still don't believe me? Well then, contact me and we can discuss some future projects together!