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I'm Morgan Hayes, an artist based in Georgia. My passion lies in capturing the vibrant essence of black joy through my artwork. You'll find my pieces filled with bright, beautiful renaissance-like figures that practically leap off the canvas. In addition to these lively depictions, I also create expressive abstract mixed media paintings that burst with energy.


My journey as an artist began with a love for blending classical renaissance elements with Black American pop culture. While my background is in graphic design, I've always been drawn to traditional fine art and mixed media. It wasn't until I discovered AI Art that I found the perfect platform to merge these passions seamlessly. My creations often incorporate jewels, plaster, flowers, wire, and fabric, all unified by a distinctive color palette of blues, golds, and magentas.


Beyond my artistry, I'm skilled in graphic design, photography, videography, and marketing. I've had the pleasure of collaborating with renowned brands such as Coca-Cola, Keurig, Dr. Pepper, Pepsi, and Augusta University, among others. From co-producing podcasts to directing short films and commercials, I thrive in bringing creativity to diverse projects. In my free time, I also indulge in editorial photography and journalism.


Curious to learn more about my work and experiences? Feel free to explore my resume HERE. Let's connect and bring your creative visions to life!

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