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Georgia-based artist Morgan Hayes is best known for her  bright, beautiful, and over the top depiction of black  joy through colorful renaissance-like figures that pop off the canvas. She is also known for expressive and bright abstract mixed media paintings.

Through her education, Hayes discovered that she loved mixing classical renaissance elements into Black American pop culture. By trade she is a graphic designer, however she loves traditional fine art and mixed media. Through AI Art she found the perfect blend of mixing the three art mediums together. Her work is mostly comprised of jewels, ai art, plaster, flowers, wire, and fabric. The limited color palette of blues, golds, and magentas, are what makes Hayes's art so unique.

Hayes is skilled in graphic design, photography, videography, and marketing. She have worked with brands such as Coca-Cola, Keurig and Dr. Pepper, Pepsi, Augusta University, Goody Two Shoes, and many local businesses in her area for graphic design work. She also had the privilege of co-producing the Mouth of Dah South Podcast, Design By Habit Podcast, art directing a short film called "Intoxicant" on Amazon prime, and art direct a Coca-Cola commercial. In her spare time she does editorial photography and journalism. 

Interested in more information, check out my resume here.

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