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Upcoming  Body of Work:



Recent Past Exhibitions

March 4th 2022 @6:30pm

at the Jessye Norman School of the Arts

Older Past Exhibitions



An art exhibition that focuses on the future of African American art in Augusta. We had some of the most talented visual artists come out and showcased their work. This event was made possible by NuBag Artist Guild of Augusta.

Follow me on this incredible journey of taking graphic design to the next level.

Exhibition will be in Augusta GA, at the Jessye Norman School of Art: 4 minimal abstract prints


“Mini Blacks” is a series that focus on the minimalistic beauty of the African American culture with dark figures and a limited color palette consisting of bright bold colors that emphasizes the beauty of darkness.


is an interactive graphic design piece that explores the many possibilities of how graphic design can interact with humans on an intimate level that is both physical and mental, using the five senses: touch, taste, sound, smell, and sight.

Follow me on this incredible journey of taking graphic design to the next level.

Exhibition will be in Augusta GA, at the Augusta University Medical Center downtown. A total of 10 art pieces will be displayed: 5 posters and 5 interactive pieces. Each sense will have a poster and interactive quality to it. 


is a dialogue about race and violence following the Trump 2017 presidency. The graphic medium was chosen to be bold, and stand out against its fine art peers in a gallery signifying an invasion of an art form (graphic design) that is not normally welcomed into the gallery space. 

The exhibition was held in  Augusta GA, at the Ann and Ellis Johnson Gallery of Art from September 27th to October 20, 2017.

Public Art


After 2 years, the interactive public art piece known as "The Hammonds Ferry Community Pillar" has now been completed. What started out as a class assignment got turned into a community project that brought the people of Hammonds Ferry together to design cinder blocks that would be used to build pillars for the community.

The project was designed with the intent of physically bringing people together, and metaphorically bringing people together. Physically people will come together to design a cinder block. Metaphorically, this project represented the residents building up the community, laying the foundation down for future generation, and supporting each other. You can't have a house with the bricks.