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The Beauty I SeA

A year long project of exploring beauty in nature and antique religious items through collage.


Past Exhibitions

February 2023

Children's Hospital

"Joy: A Celebration of Happiness"

JOY is an exhibition that shifts the normal narrative of pain and struggle depicted in black art, and instead focus on happiness, joy, and beauty. By utilizing bright bold colors, ai art, and textured media, the art's emotion literally pops off of the canvas.

JOY was exhibited on the 2nd floor of the Children's Hospital as a part of the Augusta University Healing Arts Program which strives to enhance the healing environment through music, visual arts, and other varieties of expressive arts in support of our patient and family-centered care philosophy, and to highlight black artists during black history month.

Past Exhibitions

March 4th 2022 @6:30pm

at the Jessye Norman School of the Arts

Art Showcase

This art exhibition showcased many local artists around the CSRA area. Any style and medium was allowed in the show. For my pieces, I chose to create limited edition prints to be displayed.

Various series of my work was on displayed. The "Pink, Black, or White" series as well as "Child's Play" made their debut in this exhibition.


An art exhibition that focuses on the future of African American art in Augusta. We had some of the most talented visual artists come out and showcased their work. This event was made possible by NuBag Artist Guild of Augusta.

Follow me on this incredible journey of taking graphic design to the next level.

Exhibition will be in Augusta GA, at the Jessye Norman School of Art: 4 minimal abstract prints

“Mini Blacks” is a series that focus on the minimalistic beauty of the African American culture with dark figures and a limited color palette consisting of bright bold colors that emphasizes the beauty of darkness.