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Ebony Tree Farms

Ebony Tree Farms is a social enterprise committed to creating healthy and sustainable opportunities for 100,000 families in the Central Savannah Regional Area (CSRA) by 2030 through our catalog of products, services, and community projects.

Their mission is providing access to fresh, healthy, and sustainable food, while also empowering communities through education and training.


Site: Visit Here

My Role: Director of Marketing

My Duties Included: Create marketing materials that will increase engagement in the community and help with donations to the cause.

Target Audience: Local Food and Beverage Community Member Leaders

Project  Completion Time: 2 months



Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Indesign

Coolor app

The Challenge

The challenge for this project was creating a brand for a nonprofit organization that was just starting up. The owners had an idea, but had materializing what they wanted. I came in and offered a solution where they would be able to showcase the amazing things their organization did for the community.

The Plan

Major tools for their success was needed. A website, branding kit, merch, and educational guides were needed to help get their organization noticed in the community. 

The Results

A fully running and expanding organization that has been able to reach 7 southern states with their messaging and help get regular funding to expand and execute their message.

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