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Sea La Vie
Travel Agency

A fictional traveling agency brand that was created for the Triple Threat Project in the UGA EM Summer 2023 Program.


Website: View Me

My Role: Designer

Team of 4

My Duties Included: Designing the logo and help establish the overall look and feel of the brand.

Target Audience: Upper middle class person who travels for work. Between the ages 25+-40.

Project  Completion Time: 2 weeks




Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Indesign

Coolor app


This branding project was art of a larger project called Project Triple Threat. The project involved taking your hypothetical brand that we created with 3 other class members and creating three interactive prototypes: a desktop website, a mobile website, and a complementary, supporting mobile app. The desktop and mobile websites can be thought of as sisters, not twins: they’re websites supporting the brand, sized for different screen sizes, taking into account the challenges and opportunities of each screen size. 

My Process

My duties for the project was designing the logo, coming up with the color scheme, and creating the app for Sea La Vie. I also come up with the name Sea La Vie which is a play on the irish word Cest le' Vie. 

I took lots of inspiration from other travel agencies as well lifestyle blog of business minded people. We wanted to create a brand that was centered around the idea of the working class man/woman having a relaxing trip while they travel for work. 


My Team and I created a brand that exceeded all of our expectations. From our website and app design to our presentation, the brand Sea La Vie definitely captured the eyes of our peers.

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