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Art News

A fictional art journalism website that was developed as final project for the UGA EM Advanced Web Development Fall 2023 class.


Main Site: Visit Me

My Role: Web Developer and Designer

My Duties Included: creating an art news website that incorporated advanced web development techniques.

Projection Completion Time: 24 hours




Adobe Illustrator

Coolor app

The Challenge

Creating a website using advanced techniques such as javascript and bootstrap within 24 hours. The time constraint was my own fault. I am used to creating website for clients and it has taken days to weeks. I wanted to truly challenge myself with something that would be technical, but also physically  and mentally demanding, like in a firm.

To help me focus on finishing the site with a super short time constraint, I created a persona name Steve (inspired by Steve Jobs), that wanted to a website on a super short notice. Steve is a 25 year old reporter's assistant in New York with a degree in marketing, but no art experience. In order to get his job he over-exaggerated his skills on his resume. He is also a chronic procrastinator. Steve reaches out to me in the hopes that I can finish his task of completing the company's new news site "Art News" before he has to give his big presentation tomorrow.

The Planning

Using bootstrap, coffee, and plethora of notes, I got down to business and created the site using countless youTube Videos to also aide in the process. 

Finished Results

The results were a fully functioning art news sites that recieved an excellent grade.

Previous Look

Art News Website Front Page
Art News Website Headline Page
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