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An app developed to give information on a person based on their zodiac sign. During the Fall 2023 App Development semester, the course aimed to explore aesthetic elements alongside basic functionalities. For my final project, I aimed to challenge myself by creating a different style of a horoscope app — departing from my usual vibrant aesthetic to craft a more subdued, informative app with engaging animations.


Project Process: Watch Me

My Role: App Developer and Designer

My Duties Included: developing an app that incorporated advanced techniques.

Project  Completion Time: 48 hours



Studio Xcode

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Indesign

Coolor app

The Challenge

Initial Stages

The journey began with thorough ideation and focused research into the realm of horoscopes, a novel venture for me. Drafting a detailed outline guided me throughout the design process, while gathering the necessary media elements was crucial to enhancing the app’s visuals.

Technical Challenge

A significant hurdle emerged in connecting view pages to images seamlessly within the app’s interface. This became a pivotal focus, demanding exhaustive efforts and considerable time investment. Through persistent trial and error, I explored various methods until achieving the desired functionality. See the video below for an in-depth look at the challenge.

The Planning

Risk and Independent Learning

An integral part of this project involved independently learning a new technique not covered in the course. While the course utilized the SwiftUI 14 and 15 codebook, we only covered half of it. To enhance the app’s functionality and user experience, I had to take a risk and look beyond our teachings. Embracing this challenge broadened my understanding and boosted my adaptability in navigating new territories.

Success and Conclusion

The dedicated hours and efforts resulted in a refined, functional Horoscope app that surpassed my initial expectations. Overcoming technical hurdles, exploring a new design aesthetic, and embracing independent learning contributed to my immense satisfaction derived from this project. Ultimately, this app signifies not only functional success but also personal growth throughout its development journey.

Finished Results

The results were a fully functioning horoscope app that exceeded my expectations and stretch my skillset. Check out my video where you can see my app in action.

YouTube Thumbnail for App Dev
App Dev Process
App Dev Process with Coding
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