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#We Are Pamplin Magazine

In Fall 2018 Augusta University's Pamplin College of Art, Humanities, and Social Sciences, announced the inaugural issue of Pamplin College's magazine, #WeArePamplin. It's full of stories about the College, alumni, students and more! Learn more about the exciting things happening in Pamplin College by reading #WeArePamplin, which is available to view online for free.


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My Role: I was the new lead of an established magazine. I acted as editor in chief, author, photographer, and publisher.

My Duties Included: creating an overall theme, delegation of tasks and stories, interviewing community members and professionals, layout design, and publishing the magazine.

Team of 7

Target Audience: College Alumni and Donors

Project  Completion Time: 6 months per issue


Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Indesign

Adobe Photoshop

The Challenge

Navigating the aftermath of the pandemic presented our magazine team with a significant hurdle: producing a follow-up issue following the disruption caused by the global crisis. Despite our regular schedule dictating a Fall 2021 release, unforeseen circumstances, namely a vacant position, led to the unfortunate delay of that edition. As I assumed the role of Communication Specialist, one of my foremost objectives became spearheading the publication of our Spring 2022 magazine. Yet, given the skipped season, we faced the dual challenge of reigniting interest in our publication and bolstering engagement with our content.

The Planning

To address this issue, I suggested a redesign of the magazine to reflect the college's aesthetic, offering a fresh look to captivate our audience. Although this aesthetic had been established previously, it had remained untapped until now. The magazine provided an opportunity to gauge audience response to the college's branding.

Team members were assigned various tasks, including story writing, conducting interviews, and capturing professional event photography for the magazine. Given the need to compensate for the missed Fall issue, this edition was larger in scope compared to previous ones. The entire process of creating the magazine took approximately six months.

Finished Results

The finished results were 2 published magazines that responded so well that the demand for more printed issues increased among communities members. 

Click the issues to read them and see the past issues.

Previous Look

#WeArePamplin, Vol. 3, Issue 1
#WeArePamplin, Vol. 3, Issue 2

New Look

#WeArePamplin Magazine Issue 4
#WeArePamplin Magazine Issue 5
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