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Feelings, Inspirations, Triggers?

I got the creative juice, but no physical mojo to get it going. I know this can't just be me. There are times where I genuinely question myself as an artist because I do not create everyday. And even though graphic design is my trade, I also do not design (creatively IMO) everyday either. My job requires me to do a lot manufacturing and layout design, but it is absolutely in no way the same as creating marketing content, drawing illustrations, or any of the other creative paths that people normally associate art with.

I am still relatively fresh out of undergrad. 2 years and some months to be exact. I have been doing graphic design for 6 years, and fine art for about 9 years. When I think about how I was able to crank out so much content and work before graduating, I realized that I was young without any real responsibilities and I was able to make the most of anything and everything that I had. Now that I have a 9 to 5 and 3 businesses, I find it hard to make time and or art for that matter, that is stricly just me having fun. And truth be told, it has me in my feelings.

I did get inspired the other day through by a Youtube video showcasing how to film downwards. For some reason that really got me going. From filming techniques to projection photography my mind quickly filled with all sorts of projects that I wanted to take on. But at last, even though I had every piece of equipment to do it, my analysis paralysis kicked in, and I physically could not. I turned to the only thing that could help me out of this slump: tea, R&B music, and writing.

I'll let you know how this journey goes and if I'm still on this kick. A lot of personal things have also triggered my paralysis: stress from work, relationship balance, an unfortunate heart condition development, and moving into a new house with my twin sister. So yeah it's a lot. It feels good to get out in words, now if I could only get it out in action.

Until next time...

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