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New Year, Same Me?

I'm not going to invent wheel here. Morgan will still be the same Morgan as before. The only difference is that I will have a lot more on my plate and a lot more that I want to take on.

First thing first, you guys know that I have a new job that I am super excited about so that will most likely take center stage over everything for about 3 months. And then I am launching 2 bodies of work and a podcast! Crazy I know. But these were all things I had planned in 2021, but due to unforseen circumstances I could not do. Now that I have been put through the wringer, I don't see why I can't do those things.

I don't like to look at the New Year as creating a different version of myself. I like to think of it as me maturing and growing into the person that I am supposed to become. Everytime I have tried to implement the slogan "New Year, New Me", I find that I am more likely to stay the same or even fall off of my goals. Looking at the New Years these past couple of years with a new perspective have allowed me to not get hung up on goals unreached, and therefore avoid disappointment.

At the end of the day we're just trying survive and be the best possible version of ourselves so why put more pressure on ourselves for a holiday. Why let a holiday dictate how our year will go?

Anyways, it is New Years and I am going have fun and party tonight. Take care, be safe, and Happy New Years!

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