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Community art is the best art!

When you want to do anything, and I mean ANYTHING, the first place to reach out to is your community. Your community is your best friend, your supporter, and your number one cheerleader. Communities are literally designed to bring people together so it makes sense that if you want people to see, listen, or hear your idea the first place you would go would be the community.

Public Art event for the "Hammonds Ferry Community Pillars"

How do you reach out?

One of the best ways to get started is to go to a local event. Greet the person in charge of it at the beginning and make small talk. Once the event is over go back to them and let them know that you had a great time, and that if they have something planned that you would like to work with them in the future. Hand them a business card if you have one, and take one of theirs if they have one as well.

Another way to do this is join a guild or community club in your niche. Not only will you get a say in how things done in the community, but you will get an inside look of how things go behind the scenes.


Always carry a business card on you. If you don't have a business, create a business card with basic contact information in case someone wants to reach out to you after an event. This card should have your name, number, email, and website( if you have one.)

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Visit in person to some of local business/events offer a hand

  2. Search online through Social Media of people who might need help with something.

  3. Pass out business cards to give to people.

  4. Go to local events and show support for others, and they might return the favor.

  5. Put yourself out there.

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