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So...2020, am I right?

So you definitely noticed, I've been pretty absent right. My bad about that. Needless to say I was and have been hella busy. In fact so busy that I forgot to write about it. How?! So much has happened since my last post, which was literally last year. Again, sorry about that. So now I'm going to pour it out in a couple of blog posts, because to put my year long journey into words would literally turn into a book. So yeah, let's not do that. Instead I'll break it down in bites starting from Job and role transition, career changes, new goals and ambitious, the bad and good, and what to expect in the future.

So this post is really just the tip of a very big iceberg. So much happened under the surface that it doesn't do me justice to write about it. I might expand it further, but who knows. I might actually write a book about it.

See you in the next post, which by the way will be about my job and a 1 year review of it.

Until next time, create the world you want.

Photo by MA Hayes

Model Anonymous

Artwork in the background: Phillip Morrisberger


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